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EnterCoin blockchain is called the Quore, which is a high-performance, highly scalable, customizable, and secure smart-contract platform. The Quore is permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

HBFT consensus algorithm: is asynchronous , leaderless, Byzantine Fault-Tolerant, to achieve instant transaction finality. The EnterChain testnet has served more than 40M transactions with a daily growth of more than 500k transactions.

Bonsai: From a Forest of Tries to a Bonsai Trie

The Quore uses Bunsai **** fıle format, which can dramatically decrease the size of data storage space needed for the blockchain data.

EnterCoin total supply is a fixed 6,000,000 coins.

Partners and integrations: soon

EnterCoin community: soon

Join Enter network

EnterChain mainnet

Explorer: NA

Wallet: NA


EnterChain testnet

Explorer: https://scantest.entercoin.net

Wallet: Soon

RPC: https://tapi.entercoin.net


Connect to Enter mainnet: NA

Connect to Enter testnet:[https://github.com/enterchain/EnterChain-Documentation/blob/main/tutorials/setup-metamask-testnet.md](broken-reference)

Deploy smart contracts

pagePublic API endpoints


Bridges - Under development, contributions welcome

Spooky Bridge : ENTER <> ETH/BSC


Anyswap: ENTER<> ETH, BSC, Polygon

Xpollinate: ENTER <> BSC,xDAI, Polygon

Evodefi: ENTER <> BSC, Polygon

Careers https://entercoin.net/careers/

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